Culture Shock: Changing the Culture to Further the Mission


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Mark Amtower

Partner, Amtower & Associates, and Co-Founder at Government Market Master

Susan Camarena

Susan Camarena

Chief Knowledge Officer

Federal Transit Administration, Dept. of Transportation

Rachel Lunsford

Management Analyst - Office of Information & Technology

Department of Veterans Affairs

Barbara Pearson

Director - Knowledge Management Staff

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, U.S. Treasury Department

Major initiatives always introduce an element of change to an organization. Change is tough; reducing the pain requires preventive "medicine" and developing a plan that relates to the business process and includes the people is just part of the prescription. This panel will bring together experts who’ve mastered the art of change management. Attendees will learn:

> How to quantify success with a three-pronged approach of message, media and practice

> How to identify and navigate the most likely roadblocks BEFORE you get there'

> How to assemble and structure an effective transition team, and the crucial role of leadership

> How successful culture change initiatives in disciplines like KM can inform those currently undertaking open government innovations