Crisis Response 2.0 - The Haiti Earthquake and Beyond


2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Monika Adamczyk

Boston CrisisCamp Coordinator


Roger Corneretto

Department of Defense/Joint Staff

Noel Dickover

Department of Defense

Stuart Gill

Disaster Risk Management

The World Bank

Thanks to social media, citizen engagement has transformed crisis response approaches and made significant impact in on-the-ground first response efforts. This session will look at the emergence of the CrisisCommons, a self-governing grass roots organization which has held over 40 CrisisCamps in 6 countries to produce or aid in the production of a myriad of applications and projects which directly aided the Haiti crisis. Attendees will:

> Learn about the dynamics of successful partnerships between government, inter-government and NGOs to collaborate with CrisisCommons

> The historical development of the tool set and procedures, which were in place long before the Haitian quake

> How technology allowed near-immediate mobilization of relief efforts once news of the Haiti earthquake broke

> Lessons learned and best practices to implement to be poised to respond rapidly the next time a crisis breaks