PEP 1: Aligning Open Government Initiatives to the Strategic Priorities of Your Agency: Sponsored by Adobe


10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Bobby Caudill

Solution Architect

Adobe Systems

Sponsored by:

With the advent of the Open Government Directive, expectations have been set that agencies must deliver within specified timeframes. While useful in and of themselves, most of the deliverables can have even more impact if they are well aligned to the priorities, goals and mission of your agency. By aligning in this way, you have the ability to make open government truly about those you serve, whether that is the general public, other agencies or different levels of government. The purpose of this session is to illustrate various government agencies who are embracing this idea and share with you their case studies.

By attending this session you will:

> hear about innovative uses of technology to deliver on the promise of open government from a new perspective

> learn about the benefits to your agency and your constituents

> discover new approaches to old problems, taking advantage of the ideas of transparency, participation and collaboration