OGI 2-3 – Engaging Internal Customers


1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

David Ferguson

Director - Global Development Commons


Melissa Marroso

Associate Partner, Human Capital Practice


Bryan Sivak


District of Columbia

Most of the discussion about successful engagement focuses on external customers – how companies can engage customers, how government agencies can engage citizens. Yet for a successful cultural shift to openness, transparency and collaboration, and to achieve the mission, agencies need to think about how best to engage their own internal teams and stakeholders, from getting buy-in for new initiatives from top leadership, to getting participation and cooperation from the employees who will need to actually executive these initiatives. Attendees and panelists will discuss:

> Tools and technologies that facilitate intra-agency communication

> Tips for engaging up and down, across the organization

> Strategies for making internal customers feel empowered to achieve the agency’s mission