OGI 3-1 - Case Study - Taking Social Media’s Temperature: How MHS Integrates Collaborative Technology into Their Mission


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Michael E. Kilpatrick


Director of Strategic Communications

Military Health System

The Military Health System, Office of Strategic Communications, acknowledges the media landscape is changing and that burgeoning, social Internet technology is key to continued strategic communications success.  The MHS has invested in this new form of communication, and was one of the first components within DoD to establish protocols and procedures for engaging in social media activity.
The MHS has developed a sustainable social media function that is integrated into Health Affairs’ Strategic Communications program.  Social tools, unlike traditional media, have enabled MHS to engage in dialogue with service members and families where they already gather online.  MHS is also committed to listening to the conversation and responding in a strategic manner.  The team monitors discussion and delivers a weekly report to MHS leaders, providing a snapshot of stakeholder perceptions and experiences.  At its core, Health Affairs is using social media to listen to stakeholder needs, provide relevant health information when appropriate, and raise awareness about MHS programs and services (i.e., monthly awareness themes).
MHS embodies President Obama’s call for a more transparent, participatory and collaborative government and is committed to using social media tools and techniques as a means to better inform, engage and connect with service members and families about health access, research, and education and training. Learn:
• The policy and process behind MHS’s social media outreach
• Successes and setbacks MHS has faced
• How social media has enhanced and improved engagement, dialogue and collaboration