David Dejewski


Mr. David Dejewski has been committed to public service and improving communities for 22 years. In recent years, he served as the Chief Information Officer for Navy Medical Logistics, the Director for Enterprise Transformation Planning, and the Chief for the Military Health System’s Defense Business Transformation Program. He also serves communities directly as the owner of a small business that manages commercial real estate investments, provides free community based Web sites, and helps main street small businesses create relationships with their customers through video and internet marketing infomercials. Mr. Dejewski started serving the public as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT in 1988. He later joined the Navy and applied specialized training caring for the sick, injured and wounded as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. In 1993-1994, he “gave back” to the community by bringing together 22 civilian and military volunteer organizations around the dangers of drinking and driving. In less than 18 months, his project resulted in a 22-minute documentary on the subject that was distributed to every high school and college in South Carolina in honor of Red Ribbon Week 1994. He finished his tour on active duty, served as a Federal contractor for several years, and is still working as a GS-15 with the Department of Defense. Mr. Dejewski did his undergraduate work at Plattsburgh State University in English and completed a graduate program with the School of Engineering at GWU in Knowledge Management.