Paul Bove

Digital Communications Strategist & Senior Web Developer

Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Mr. Bove is a defense contractor serving as Digital Communications Strategist and Senior Web Developer within the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, Mr. Bove steers the wheel for all U.S. Air Force social media presence. From developing strategy to implementing tactics and writing policy, Bove brings over a decade communication experience to the Emerging Technology branch. He previously managed communications for the Office of the Chief Information Officer, US Department of Education, and worked in the non-profit sector as an editor and production manager for technical publications at the Water Environment Federation. He has experience with print media, crisis communications, Web development, digital communications, and technical writing. He holds a master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications (focus on digital communications and strategy) from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in English and Political Science from Canisius College. Mr. Bove co-authored “Social Media and the Air Force,” a primer on social media, and worked on the companion video of the same name.