Trish Van Belle


Business Transformation Agency

Trish Van Belle is the Chief Operations Officer of the Enterprise Planning and Investment Directorate (EP&I) within the Business Transformation Agency (BTA). Since 2005, se has held management positions with BTA in the areas of: Strategic Integration, Investment Review Board Policy and Execution, Business Capability Lifecycle Policy, and Business System Compliance. Currently she provides management oversight for 34 people across 3 separate divisions including: Transition Planning, Resource Planning & Execution, and Operations. As the lead for the Transition Planning Division she is responsible for developing the Department’s Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP), which includes the schedule, milestones and metrics for modernizing business systems to implement the standards defined by the DoD’s Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA). Each year she also prepares an annual report to update Congress on business transformation progress and specific improvements in business operations. She collaborates closely with the Office of the Deputy Chief Manager Officer (DCMO) and Component planners to ensure the plan is strategically aligned to the priorities established by the Department’s Strategic Management Plan (SMP) and other plans. As the lead for the Resource Planning and Execution Division, she develops and implements the Directorate’s resource management strategies, plans, controls, budget, and POM for approximately 60 government and 70 personnel in support of enterprise-wide business transformation initiatives. She also has responsibility for contract management administration for various contractor efforts including the Internal Verification and Validation function. As the lead for the Operations Division, she focuses on improving internal processes such as: staff training, communications, Director support, staffing and process improvement. In addition, Ms. Van Belle leads the BTA’s Academic Engagement Initiative which builds strategic partnerships with academic institutions to increase innovation and thought leadership at the Agency. Prior to joining the BTA, Ms. Van Belle served four years within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics where she worked closely with Comptroller and Military Department staffs to develop policies for military equipment valuation to support enterprise financial reporting for military capital assets. Concurrently she was also the Program Manager for the Defense Property Accountability System, a DoD enterprise-wide asset management and financial reporting system. Before entering civilian service, she served in the United States Navy Supply Corps for 20 years where she held operational, managerial and staff positions related to supply, joint logistics, inventory management, acquisition reform and change management. Ms. Van Belle holds a Masters of Science in National Resources Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces; a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Virginia (Darden School); and a Bachelors of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University.